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Are you paying too much for your home insurance?

The homeowners insurance industry has suffered a great deal of losses over the past few years. This has forced many carriers to increase premiums to offset the added expenses. Unfortunately, some of the carriers did not make the correct rate changes and have had to increase premiums significantly. We have partnered with some top carriers that have had gradual rate increases and have maintained a competitive edge in the market place. This is how we can get you the best rate on your insurance.

Are you covered properly? We know your biggest asset is your home. We take great care in determining what coverage is the best for your home. We can get you covered if you have never had a loss or if you have had a few claims. We also offer flood insurance for those that are in a floodplain.

We will work with you and complete a reconstruction cost estimate for your home. Once we have the dwelling amount we will determine your liability needs. Then you will choose the carrier you want to go with.

Our service does not stop with the sale. We will conduct annual insurance reviews to make sure you are still covered properly. Some changes that may happen are: finishing a basement, remodel kitchen, add a gazebo, add a swimming pool, purchase jewelry and etc. We always want to make sure you are satisfied with our service.

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Dwelling Coverage – This is the amount of insurance needed to rebuild your home.
Liability Limits – This covers you if someone gets hurt on your property.
MED Pay – This covers you if someone has a minor injury.
Replacement Cost – This covers your home up to the replacement cost or more. If more than usually up to 150% of the dwelling coverage.
Actual Cash Value – This covers your home at an actual cash value or depreciated amount.
Personal Property Coverage – This covers your belongings. You can choose from actual cash value or replacement cost.
Scheduled Personal Property – This covers jewelry, furs, fine arts, coins and etc. This coverage is for all perils and usually has a $0 deductible.
Perils – The type of loss that is covered. Examples are: wind, hail, fire, theft and etc.
Deductible – The amount of money you are willing to spend before the insurance company starts paying.


This is a brief description of your insurance. Please contact us for more information or contact your state’s department of insurance.

If you are looking to cover your town home, condo or rental unit we have a plan for you. If you own a rental property and need a dwelling fire policy, we have many options for you as well.