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Need a reason to get Auto Insurance?


  • It’s the law. In virtually every state, you must carry car insurance or face criminal fines. Repeated offenses could lead to the loss of your driver’s license and even a jail sentence.


  • Your car is an important asset. For many people, a car is the second-most-expensive purchase they will make in their lives, next to the purchase of a home. Vehicles are essential not just because they’re expensive, but also because of the service they provide to families. Car insurance is a way to protect that important asset.


  • Your lender will always want to be paid. If you have an accident and can’t afford to get your vehicle repaired because you don’t have car insurance, the company that provided you a car loan won’t stop asking for monthly payments. Car insurance is one way to help ensure that you can continue to make your car loan payments.

  • Cars get you to work. If you decide to forgo insurance and then get into an accident and sustain damage you can’t afford to repair, that doesn’t affect your need to get to and from work and make other necessary daily trips. Car insurance helps pay for car repairs so you continue to make your daily trips.

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    • Non-accident protection. Car insurance can also be crucial if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized. That’s one of the reasons why many insurance companies offer a break on insurance if a policyholder regularly parks his or her car off the street and in a covered garage, where the instances of theft and vandalism are much less prevalent.


    • Stop a slide to bankruptcy. For many people, the uninsured loss of a vehicle completely turns their lives upside-down. There’s no money for another vehicle, so getting to work on time can be difficult. That can lead to loans or credit card use that could spiral out of control.


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